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Happy New Year Everyone! We hope that everyone had a great Holiday time. “The Chill” is off to a great start for 2021! New floor plans are in the works with the Hartman Arena layout. We now have over 8,000 more square feet to work with. This being said, this late Spring we will be opening up registration so that more people can enter their Motorcycles in “The Chill”. Also with the extra space, we will be contacting several more businesses to see if they would be interested in being a booth vender so that they can sale and/or display their products to “The Chill” attendees.

For the next several months we will also be looking for more associate sponsors. Plan is to have as many new sponsors as we can get so that those that are wanting more top billing can be added to all of the advertising that we can offer for them.

With this being said above, myself and everyone involved are super excited about this new opportunity with “The Chill” now being at Hartman Arena. This will raise the bar and give those coming from out of town to see a world class place dedicated to the Motorcycle Industry for 3 full days. Some of the best Custom Motorcycles to have ever been on display will be here in Kansas this coming October 15th – 17th!

PRO-Invitational Builders from all over the country and Canada will be competing for the all new first time ever “Chill Man Trophy”. This trophy took over 3/4ths of year to design / build & complete. Over $3,000 has been invested in the design and mold of the trophy! We are hoping in time this will be one of the most sought after awards that a Custom Bike Builder can win!!! Pics will be released soon of the coveted “Chill Man Trophy”.

So please make plans on attending the largest indoor Motorcycle Show in Kansas this coming October. For those coming from out of town or those that would like to stay close to the venue, the host hotel for “The Chill” is the Best Western located at 915 East 53rd St N. Wichita, KS. 316-832-9387. Please mention “The Chill” to get a discounted room rate.

As always, please continue to watch for the latest announcements here on social media as well as on “The Chill” website at www.thechill.info. From the entire “Chill” staff we wish everyone a great and prosperous New Year! Will see you this October.

Are You Ready For “The Chill”…..


The host hotel for "The Park City Chill" is the Best Western @ 915 E 53rd St N, Wichita, KS 67219 . Click on their logo and/or contact them via phone (316) 832-9387. Mention "The Chill" to get your discounted room rate.

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